System Implantation Service

System Design and Consulting Services

In order to synchronize the idea of both parties, Tr-lan will provide professional advisement and discuss with customers thoroughly. Follow the final decision to design and plan the system implantation service that meet customer¡¦s request. At the same time, Tri-lan will provide drawings, schedules and any related information to customer for reference.

Tri-Lan manages and coordinates all IT related activities and tasks by working with overall project manager and designated contractors to complete the project on schedule.
¡´ Responsible for the physical move of all IT equipment and facilities, Tri-Lan ensures all  equipment and facilities are properly set-up, including collecting users¡¦ equipment, and setup and configure their PC workstation, peripherals, server. At the same time, resolve users¡¦ operational issues on the spot.
¡´ Coordinate with telecommunication carrier on the installation and/or relocation of all kinds of communication links including leased circuits, frame relay, dialup line and ADSL broadband, etc.
¡´ Setup the structure cabling system to meet the requirements of voice and data cabling.
¡´ Setup the LAN/WAN and establish network resiliency in the network design.
¡´ Responsible for all configuration of switches and routers according to the customer¡¦s requirement.
¡´ Work with the overall project manager to establish the IT server room facilities.

Equipment Room Integrated System

Tri-lan will integrate the systems the customer desire to build Include: UPS, CRAC, Monitoring, Water leakage Detection, Fire hazards Protection and Access Control System in order to simplify and transparent the management.

UPS main system installation testing
UPS battery cabinet installation and testing
¡@ ¡@
UPS loading test hardware setup
CRAC main system installation
CRAC installation and testing
Outdoor water chiller system installation
FPS installation under raised floor
FPS installation above ceiling
EMS cabling and piping
EMS Mimic panel design and installation
VESDA system configuration
VESDA system installation
Access control system software installation
Access control system hardware setup